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Jun 26, 2024


Jun 6, 2024

El Patron June Full Day Trips

Jun 6, 2024

  • - San Clemente Island Overnight - Pretty good day at the island for us we fished really hard. We were rewarded with several yellowtail one white... Read more
  • - El Patron Friday Report - Today’s fish count 21 anglers 42 calico bass 6 bonito 7 barracuda 10 white fish “Let’s see what tomorrow brings. On Monday, we are a definite... Read more
  • - SCI Yellowtail - We offered to fish for yellowtail today. We had a pretty decent bite this morning unfortunately we had a high... Read more
  • - Yellowtail! - Charter decided to fish the islands today for which they were rewarded with 31 yellowtail one white Seabass half limits... Read more
  • - Reverse overnight - Pretty good night on the water for us we had a couple stops that produce 26 bluefin tuna several them... Read more
  • - Reverse overnight, bluefin tuna - Fishing, bluefin, tuna in the dark we had our chances ... Read more
  • - Catalina Island Trip Today -   Fish count for 7/11/24 We fished catalina island today and ended the trip with 4 yellowtail’s 72 calico bass 8 sand-bass 10 barracuda we have... Read more
  • - Big Bluefin - Went out to the grounder gang the weather was still up, but we brave it anyways caught a couple fish... Read more
  • - Bluefin Tuna Reverse Overnight - The weather was up, which made it a little difficult, but we still managed to capture ... Read more
  • - 1.5 day Bluefin Tuna - Stoked On Fishing day and a half trip targeting big bluefin tuna we captured 9 Of them with  2 of... Read more